Hilarious Yoga Pants Prank, Part Two: Whose Butt Is Bigger?

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We could watch a whole series of these.

After his first yoga pants prank scored over 10 million views, Yousef Erakat of fouseyTUBE decided to strike before his booty got too "big" and squeezed into the yoga pants one more time for a sequel.

"This one was nearly impossible to do because of how recognizable the butt has gotten!" he lamented on his YouTube page. Don't worry, Yousef. You're not in Kim Kardashian territory yet, but we'll give you bonus points for stealthly disguising yourself under that neon pink hoodie.

Watch as Yousef (who deserves a Lululemon spokesmodel gig at the very least) and a female friend ask passers-by whose butt is bigger.


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