Kids Choir Singing Pharrell's 'Happy' Guaranteed to Make You Smile

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Need a pick-me-up? This video is guaranteed to cure the blues. Or at least help them fade enough so you don't feel like banging your head against your desk, anyway. And, it will only take up 2 minutes of your time...

Perfect for the short attention span set (yeah, we're talking about us), Pharrell Williams' "Happy" gets a unique and utterly adorable rework by a Detroit school choir in the sure-to-be-viral-soon video. The song itself has inspired plenty of toe-tapping feel-good moments, but this is the feel goodiest (we know, it's not a word, but we're running with it).

The kids are from the Detroit Academy of Arts and Sciences choir and if their singing isn't enough--well, extra gold stars all around for the choreography for sure.

Happy yet?

M Live reports that the school has gotten a call from the Today show, so expect to see more of these talented kids soon!


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