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Amber Portwood's relationship with Twitter has been very hot and cold-not unlike her relationship with baby daddy Gary Shirley. First, she had an account, then it disappeared, then she kinda popped up on Gary's account with him and now she's returned to the Twitterverse and is already tweeting up a storm.

Her brother, Shawn Portwood, confirmed that @AmberLPortwood was, in fact, her account and then he tried to plug his fans to follow her saying it's all kinds of wrong that he has more followers than her...and then adding that he would like his own show-because, why not?

We're sure Shawn is a great guy and everything, but we have a feeling a lot of people were following him so they could get updates on Amber, which he did provide on occasion. Either way, Amber is on Twitter and you know what? Girl looks good. She might have been in prison for 17 months, but she's making up for lost time and has already learned how to snap the perfect selfie.

So far, there hasn't been anything earth-shattering on Amber's account. Just a picture of Leah and a report-from her-that she's still clean, which is definitely good news. She also got schooled in who's who on social media, with fans warning her that a Teen Mom account that "welcomed" her to Twitter is actually run by Jenelle Evans and crew.

"About teenmomtruth. It's ran by jenelle and Jenn holt who will make ur life miserable," a concerned fan warned. Amber's response? "People can try but it will be really hard to make my life miserable. ;)"

We're not sure exactly what that means. She's kind of already been through the ringer, so she could be saying it would be pretty hard to top what she's already been through. Or, she could be saying that she's so strong, ain't nobody gonna get her down. We definitely hope it's the latter.

And in case you're wondering, Amber and Gary haven't tweeted at each other yet, but they do both tweet to their 5-year-old daughter quite often. Co-parenting in the 21st century...

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