Mary-Kate Olsen's Hair-Raising Revelation

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Mary-Kate Olsen has been acting since before she knew how to crawl. She was designing a fashion line and producing movies before she even knew how to drive and she was engaged before she even knew how to brush her hair. Wait, what?!

"You know, the truth is I feel like I just learned how to brush my hair like last week!" MK joked(?) in a new interview with Elle magazine.

You know what, that would actually explain a lot of Mary-Kate's hairstyles over the past couple of years. We didn't know if she was just going for the "I didn't brush my hair today" look or if she really hadn't brushed her hair that day. Now we know.

Also in the interview, Mary-Kate reminded us that while the rest of us were learning to brush our hair, she was a mini-mogul, making millions of dollars. When asked what her favorite "food" smell was, Mary-Kate said, "I think it's coffee for me. It feels like a part of my childhood. It was something that I smelled a lot. It just reminds me of having a routine in the morning." Because, you know, when you're a busy career woman kid, you've gotta get that morning cup of joe.

For what it's worth, sister Ashley Olsen's answer was a little more relatable. "I feel like it's popcorn for me. It's not my favorite food but the smell is fantastic and it always makes you want to eat it," she said. "I don't eat a lot of popcorn in the movie theaters, but the scent is really great."

Clearly, she hasn't smelled the popcorn at Target. Talk about a feast for the nose. Hey, you know how some Target stores have Starbucks in them? Are you thinking what we're thinking? Everybody wins...

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