Top 7 Moments From Angelina Jolie's New Maleficent Trailer

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Angelina Jolie's new Maleficent trailer is here...and now we can totally see why her kids (except Vivienne) were totally scared of her character. The special effects are off the hook. If you want to watch the whole trailer, it's right here, or if you don't have two minutes to spare, you can scroll through to see our top seven moments. 

1. When Angie first walks in and she's the only one who knows what's up

Disney Movie Trailers/YouTube

2. When she is surrounded by this crazy green fiery gas stuff

Disney Movie Trailers/YouTube

3. When she totally goes camo in these tree branches

Disney Movie Trailers/YouTube

4. When she goes "poof" and this guy disappears. Must learn that trick

Disney Movie Trailers/YouTube

5. When she can't disguise her eyes

Disney Movie Trailers/YouTube

6. This "I am winged woman, hear me roar" moment

Disney Movie Trailers/YouTube

7. When this tree becomes one you definitely wouldn't want to hug

Disney Movie Trailers/YouTube
We want more Maleficent!


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