One Direction Getting an Edgier Look?

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The One Direction guys aren't the cutie cute boyband they once were--they're becoming men right before our eyes, complete with chest and facial hair and everything. And now they want to man up their style.

They're evolving and so is their look, and now they're hoping to pull off a whole edgy fashion forward thingie and take over the world. Or something.

We just have to know--is Harry and Louis' runaway hair situation part of this plan? Because we don't even know what's happening there.

A source told Closer magazine (via Entertainmentwise): "Niall is the only member to still look like he's in a boyband. The other boys have told their stylist they want an edgier look--they're keen to ditch their boyband image. In the beginning, they had to do what their manager Simon Cowell said. Now they're worth over £100m and aren't afraid to dictate their own terms. This includes changing their image in the hope they'll be taken seriously.

Of course, this is like the perfect opportunity to stir the pot and suggest that Harry wants to leave the band. Of course. The source squealed: "Harry sees himself as a rock star and has told the others he wants to resemble The Rolling Stones, not Boyzone. The boys feel Harry doesn't want to be in a boyband any more and it's a bit of an issue between them."

And suddenly this "source" has lost any glimmer of credibility.

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