Paging Flavor Flav: John Mayer Needs to Know What Time It Is

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You know how some people buy fake designer stuff to try to be just as stylish as their favorite celebrities? Well, turns out, you might even be more like them than you ever realized. Such is the case for anybody who picked up a fake Rolex to try to look more like their fave musician John Mayer.

Turns out, John had been staring straight into the face of some fake Rolex watches while he was "Waiting on the World to Change." As with any crazy news story, the question you're probably asking yourself is "What's Charlie Sheen got to do with it?" We're glad you asked, because Charlie Sheen DOES have something to do with it.

See, the guy who sold John the watches (Bob Maron) is actually Charlie's best bud and occasional manager. This whole thing kind of makes us think of a random guy on the street opening up a trench coat full of timepieces, except that you can't just spot the guy a $20 and pick the piece of your choice. In fact, John is claiming that he bought more than $5 million of Rolexes from the guy, saying that at least 7 contain counterfeit parts.

For Bob's part, he's prepared to fight back in defense of his Faux-lex watches, with his lawyer telling TMZ that John has "brought a lawsuit that is legally and factually meritless" and that "Mr. Maron refuses to pay Mr. Mayer a cent to settle his frivolous claim, and will instead defeat him in court."

Essentially, it's the legalese way of saying "Winning," which, if you've been following Charlie Sheen for the past couple of years, you know that you can totally say even if you haven't technically won yet.

Charlie Sheen's Pal Sold John Mayer $5 Million in Fake Watches

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