Teen Mom 2 Star Engaged? Mysterious Ring Pic Pops Up on Twitter

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Adam Lind has had a lot going on in his life lately. The Teen Mom 2 star has been keeping his lawyer busy after getting three DUIs, getting into a recent car accident (reportedly not alcohol-related) and filing court papers to try to get more time with his daughter, Aubree.

Oh, and there's also the fact that he has a new girlfriend and they have a daughter together now, too. Adam and his new girlfriend, Taylor Halbur, have been on-again and off-again, but they seem to be on again in a big way.

Last month, a photo of a ring popped up on Instagram with the caption "Early Valentine's Day present #OneLuckyWoman #ILoveHim." There was even a report by WetPaint that estimated he spent almost $1,000 on the diamond solitaire--although it's kind of a major plug for Kay Jewelers, so maybe they hooked them up?

Anyway, neither of them ever actually confirmed that it was an engagement and people kind of forgot about the whole thing until another picture popped up on Twitter where they were BOTH wearing rings. "Promise to each other," Taylor supposedly wrote on March 10 with a photo that definitely seems to be of their hands, judging by the tattoos.

Now here's the problem...Taylor actually deleted her Twitter account awhile back and none of the articles that have the photo (you can see it here) seem to link to a legit account. Basically, they all land on a generic "sorry that page doesn't exist" page, which is kind of ironic because it is a page, but either way, it's definitely not the one anybody was looking for. So, the whole thing is kind of strange...but it does seem to be Adam's hand in the photo and the ring looks the same, so what gives?

Even if it is a promise ring, we think it's worth mentioning that Adam also gave Chelsea Houska one back when they were sorta dating...and we all know how that worked out. Do you think Adam will keep his promise this time?

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