You've Gotta See This Guy's Insane Guess on Wheel of Fortune

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We've seen some pretty crazy guesses on Wheel of Fortune over the years, but this one definitely takes the cake. This dude only had two letters in the "Thing" category and Pat Sajak told him to "talk it out," the same way he does to everyone in the sudden death round and the first thing out of this guy's mouth was the answer.

Obvi, that's crazy enough and it could have just been dumb luck, but when you see what the actual answer was, there's just no way. This guy has to be the ultimate puzzle solver. We know there are cheats for those Wheel of Fortune-type apps, but it's kind of hard to cheat in real life.

Like, where would you even start if you were "studying" for the show? It's not like Jeopardy, where you can memorize a bunch of trivia and hope for the best. This guy had thing. Freaking THING could have been ANYthing.

Even Pat was totally thrown off by the guy. "Tonight's 'Wheel of Fortune' features most amazing solve in my 30+ years on the show. No kidding," he tweeted before the show aired, then followed up this morning with, "What made last night's solve amazing was the generic category. Could have been 'new anything.'"

Actually, what made last night's show even more amazing is that it totally got people talking about Wheel of Fortune again. Everybody wins.

Watch the video above to see the incredible solve...and then if you find you suddenly have a desperate need to know everything you possibly can about the long-running game show, check out the video below.

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