Guy Proposes to His Girlfriend Using Angry Birds

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We've all had that moment where we've been tapping away at our iPads for hours and find ourselves cursing the very people who created the Angry Birds app. Well, this might make you think a little bit differently about them.

This guy named Ben really, really loves his girlfriend Mel--so much so that after EIGHT years of dating her (eight years, man?!), he finally decided that she was the one. When it came time to propose, Ben--who is apparently a huge gamer, decided to pop the question using Angry Birds...and he actually got the game's developers on board with the proposal plan.

Rovio Mobile, who created the insanely addictive game, made a special version of Angry Birds that Ben used to pop the question and the whole thing was caught on camera. At the restaurant, Ben and Mel did what any couple would do during a super romantic dinner and busted out the tablet to get their Angry Bird on, right there on the table.

Mel was playing for a little while and she got hit with the dreaded "Loading..." screen, but she could have never anticipated what was going to happen next...and we could have never anticipated how amazing her reaction was going to be. Watch the video below to see it all unfold.

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