Peace Out: Did Britney Spears Leave in the Middle of Her Sister's Wedding Reception?

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Did Britney Spears bail on her sister Jamie Lynn's big day? Don't worry, went to the wedding..and even Tweeted about it, calling it "magical," magical or not, she might have made a pre-mature exit from the event.

A source tells E! News that BritBrit and boyfriend David Lucado showed up late to the rehearsal and left the wedding before Jamie Lynn even tossed her bouquet. Um, rude.

So far, the pop star hasn't explained her early departure, so we've decided to come up with a couple of theories of our own. First things first, we'll go with the most fun one. Maybe Britney was so jealous of Jamie Lynn that she just couldn't take it anymore and stormed out of the ceremony.

No? OK, how about Britney is having second thoughts about her relationship with David and ran away right before the big bouquet toss so she wouldn't catch it and be forced to spend all of eternity with him? Yeah, we're not into that one, either.

Could it be that the twice-married star has just totally been there, done that, and didn't feel the need to stay until the very last second? That could be the case...except that it's her freaking sister and we can't see Britney doing something like that.

So...How about some more likely explanations? Maybe Britney's boys were tired and had to go to bed? Or maybe she had to rush back to Vegas because you know, she's gotta work (b**ch). Boring.

Give us your best guess as to why Britney bailed on the big day.

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