What Did This Kid Say That Made the Drill Sergeant Hug Him?

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You may have never heard of the Jenny Jones show (we had even forgotten about it), but when someone was digging through their old tapes--that should give you an idea about how old it is--they found this gem and decided to upload it to YouTube.

The video already has over 13 million views, which is pretty impressive for a show that was once the lowest-rated daytime talk show on TV. So, what's so special about this particular clip?

The segment itself was certainly nothing new. A drill sergeant comes out and screams in the face of a problem child in an attempt to scare them straight. Sometimes they end up shipping the kids off to some kind of bootcamp thing, or they have them spend a day in a jail (with the screaming-in-the-face guy) or some other punishment of their choice.

In this instance, the drill sergeant came out and started his whole routine and the kid totally turned the tables on him, but not in the way you'd expect. The way the kid answered one of the tough guy's questions actually made him give him a hug and walk off-stage with his arm around him. Watch the video above to see the four words that changed everything.

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