Josh Hutcherson's 5 Pieces of Advice To His Younger Self

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Should have. Would have. Could have.

Though giving advice to our younger selves doesn't really do us any good now, it's still fun to find out what people would say. (Remember when "new Miley" met "old Miley" on SNL? Classic.) And sometimes those people end up being Josh Hutcherson.

BuzzFeed recently asked the 21-year-old actor to give the younger Josh five pieces of advice.

1: Do things because you want to do them. "You've got to do things because you believe in them and you want to do them," Josh says. "I was bullied, especially when I first said I wanted to be an actor, kids thought I was weird."

2: Be motivated by passion, not fear. "I want to drive forward with what I want to be doing next."

3: Heartbreak doesn't mean failure. "It's a learning process. For every heartbreak that you have, you're also redefining and further defining what you're looking for in a person."

4: Good friends are worth the wait. "It's worth going through all the not good friendships or none meaningful friendships because once you get to that place where you find people you connect with--it's so much better."

5: It's a great thing to be different. "People out there who find themselves feeling different or know that they're different, they should embrace that one-hundred percent. The difference is what leads to greatness."

Josh Hutcherson's Obligation To Make The World A Better Place

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