What Is a Sellotape Selfie and Why Is Everyone Doing It?

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These are the selfies that could give us nightmares.

Looking like something out of a scary movie, Facebook users everywhere have been wrapping their faces up with clear tape and taking a selfie afterwards (and it must be seriously painful when they rip it off). Oddly enough, it has sparked a craze called "Sellotape Selfies" and the tape-loving folks even have a Facebook community group for anyone who is in to the trend.

So, how did this whole thing get started? According to the UK's Daily Mail, Brighton University student Lizzie Durley came up with the idea after watching Jim Carrey's office scene in Yes Man where he tapes up his face.

"I was having a bad day and remembered that scene from the film which really tickled me," she told the site. "I figured people were getting bored of the whole 'selfie' craze - I know I was. So I just applied the concepts of the selfie to this idea and it resulted in Sellotape selfies!"

Jim couldn't help but chime in once he caught wind of the craze that he inspired, tweeting Friday, "Guess I started a face tape trend.Makes ppl look like a Francis Bacon painting.Keep the nose holes clear kids!"

Before Lizzie knew it, the whole thing had blown up into a huge trend and now a competition. Now, on her Sellotape Selfies community page, people can submit their best Sellotape Selfie and nominate others to do the same.

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