5 New, Weird Flavored, Deliciously Gross Snacks

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Things are getting crazy in the kitchen these days. From new Doritos cheese sticks to Tabasco flavored jelly beans, we can only imagine what the next, new snack will be.

As if all of that hasn't already made your belly growl in hunger or disgust, here's our list of the five weirdest eats we've recently seen at stores. Have you tried any of them?

Doritos + mozzarella sticks = these bad boys

Sriracha fans rejoice, there are Pringles just for you now.

Sour Patch gum sounds yummishly-fun...but the real question is: Will it make your tongue bleed?

Can't get enough Tabasco sauce? There's a jellybean for that...

And let's be real...who can't get enough bacon?...or crackers?


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