Gun With Gun Tattoo Lands Himself in Scary Situation

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Think before you ink, guys. This dude probably thought he was being super creative when he got a gun tattooed on his waist--and it is unique, we'll give him that--but there might be a reason people are staying away from that specific "design."

From far away, it actually looks like the guy has a real gun stuck in his pants and we're not talking about a "is that a gun in your pocket or are you just excited to see me?" type of situation. It looks like a real gun, gun.

The ink looked so real, it actually landed this guy in a pretty sticky situation. After he walked outside shirtless, exposing the very real-looking ink, officers showed up to his house with assault rifles, which WERE real.

The whole thing raises an interesting question? Should a tattoo like that be banned or is it just freedom of expression...and if it is the latter, what is it really expressing?

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