Is Kylie Jenner OK? Cryptic Tweets Cause Concern, Confusion Among Fans

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Kylie Jenner is just like every other 16-year-old, except that she's rich and famous and has a clothing line and...OK, she's not like every other 16-year-old at all, but sometimes she kinda wants to be.

The reality star posted some cryptic Twitter messages that left some of her fans confused and even a little concerned.

"I made the decision to keep as much as my life as personal as possible while continuing the reality show," she wrote. "I'm 16 and still wanna be a kid sometimes...So what I'm trying to say is there's a part of me you don't see so don't go judging people if u haven't walked a mile in their shoes."

Fair enough...but if you still want people to see you as being 16, please stop posting very adult bikini selfies and straight butt-shots, k? Thanks.

After she posted the message, some concerned fans chimed in, sending their support to Kylie. "Hope everythings okay. Your fans are always here for u ," one wrote. Kylie retweeted the message and replied "I love you."

Do you think something specific happened that got under Kylie's skin or do you think she's just making a general statement about her life?

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