Liam Payne Fat? Liam Fires Back at Haters, Jokes He's 'Off to Fat Camp'

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Oh, Liam Payne. Don't ever change. The One Direction singer took to Twitter to slam some of his haters who--this is nuts--called him "fat." Yeah. Liam. Fat. Of all the insults, that seems the least likely, so we're guessing the trolls were coming up a little short in the creativity department.

Rather than let it slide, Liam felt the need to have a crack at the rude comments, even joking a little, as he tweeted: "Lol just seen on twitter people think I'm fat?now I've never been called that before nice, on my way to mcdonalds then I'm off to fat camp"

He added, "@Real_Liam_Payne I'm so fat that when i twerk I become a wrecking ball"

What caused the outpouring of haters? Liam was seen in a Vine video clip, saying hi to a fan--and that brought out the hateful commentary, with one noting: "liam i love you soooo much but you look like a fat retired 50 year old"

And here's another: "Sophia making Liam fat so he won't be able to run away from her in time."

C'mon guys, play nice. Check out the video--yeah, we're not seeing "fat" either.

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