Passengers Totally Under-React to Pepsi Bus Stop Prank

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It seems like bus stops have become the new birthplace of viral videos. There was a cute one last month where a shivering kid was placed at a bus stop to see if people would give him their jackets--and guess what? Humans aren't all as evil as we make them out to be.

Anyway, bus stops definitely have a built-in captive audience, so they're totally a good place to set people up for such things. In this particular video, it's more of a prank than a straight hidden-camera situation and if we were sitting there, we would have been like what the %^$*?

What they did was create a screen that looked like it was the side window of the bus stop. Then, they made it look like there were aliens, UFOs and all kinds of crazy ish on the other side of the window and most of the people just freaking sat there.

There was even a tiger and the person was basically like "oh hold on, let me snap a selfie before I may or may not get eaten by this vicious animal." And the guy that supposedly watched someone get snatched up by a sewer monster?! Yep, just sat there.

Don't worry (not that anybody was), there weren't really any aliens or tigers roaming the streets--it's really just a UK ad for Pepsi Max and they call it "Unbelievable Bus Shelter," but what was really most unbelievable to us is the complete under-reactions of the "victims."

What do you have to do to get a reaction out of people these days?

(h/t Mashable)

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