Rihanna Uses Teen Mom 2 to Promote Her Tour

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First of all, we have to give Rihanna major props for coming up with this brilliant marketing strategy. Second of all, we'd like to thank her for resurrecting this Teen Mom 2 clip that we had totally forgotten about and are so happy to have it back in our lives.

You know that saying "truth is stranger than fiction"? Well, Badgalriri is totally on to that and used another fellow bad girl's very real (albeit no less ridiculous) discussion with her lawyer to help promote her tour.

We know, what's a convo with your lawyer got to do with pop music? That's where Jenelle Evans comes in. On an old episode of TM2, Jenelle was meeting with her lawyer, Dustin, and they were talking about the fact that she was possibly facing jail time. Jenelle was trying to explain why jail was a total no-go for her and she made a pretty convincing case--if you're a Ke$ha fan.

"I really can't miss that concert...that's why I got all these feathers in my hair," she pleaded with him. Of course, he wasn't impressed, but then Jenelle brought in the big guns. "I bought clothes for that concert, I set up hotel rooms for that concert...it's not JUST a concert, it's..." and then just when she was about to say "Ke$ha," RiRi got a little creative with the video editing..and we love her for it.

Nothing against our girl Ke$ha (who has now ditched the dollar sign), but this clip needed to be resurrected and this was about the most creative way anyone could have ever done it.

For what it's worth, Jenelle first thought it was totally cool, retweeting articles about it with things like "lmao" and then people told her that RiRi might have actually been making fun of her and she suddenly didn't think it was as funny. We, on the other hand, still do.

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