Where's the Treat? Canines Confused by Magician's Tricks

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We know, we know...a lot of us (guilty as charged) tend to humanize dogs sometimes maybe a little bit too much. But, after seeing the way they reacted to this magician's tricks, we think dogs are actually a lot smarter than we humans give them credit for. See how these eight dogs reacted to the disappearing treat. 

1. Elsa's like "you bastard, I know it was just there..."


2. Taisto's like "oh no you di'int"

3. Nakke's pissed...and we don't blame him one bit

4. Gado is convinced it fell on the floor somewhere

5. Nino doesn't have time for this business

6. Dumle's like "who done it?" ...and then everyone ran away

7. Salli doesn't trust this guy one bit

8. ...and poor Torsti had no idea what hit him


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