Want to Travel Like the Kardashians? Well, You Can't

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Are the Kardashians embarking on a brand new business venture? Side note: We just realized how much mileage we could get out of that first line, because it's basically true every time you ask it.

The famous family IS launching a kids clothing line, so yes, they are embarking on a new business venture, but rumors have been swirling that they are also starting a travel business, which is probably the ultimate in randomness.

According to a report by Naughty But Nice Rob, they are ready to take a bite out of the travel biz. "There will be packages available as different and unique as each Kardashian. All of them are different price ranges – with the most expensive packages based on the travel destinations of Kim and Kanye," their source spilled.

That actually sounds kinda cool. Have you seen some of the vacations they take? Hello, Greece! Ironically, we hardly ever see them flying commercial and none of us could ever afford any of the places they get put up in, so unless we're getting it for free too, the financial factor would probably eliminate like 90% of their potential customers. Sorry potential jet-setters, you might have to save up for a little while longer if you want to travel in true Kardashian style.

Not to worry, though, Kris Jenner's rep tells The Huffington Post that it's not true. Not surprising--the travel industry doesn't have a lot of terms that lend themselves well to the whole "K" scheme, anyway...unless they want to try to compete with AAA and...well, that might not be too great for business.

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