You Will Never Believe What This Dad Used to Pull His Kid's Loose Tooth

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In your face, Balloon Boy! This dad just used a full-on drone to yank his kid's loose tooth. We've been hearing a lot of weird rumors about the things drones were going to be able to do in the very near future, but we have to say, tooth-pulling actually wasn't on the list--and to be honest, after watching this video, we're kinda glad it wasn't. We'll take the pizza delivery drone, thank you very much, you can keep your tooth-pulling, flying torture device.

The kid actually seems super excited about having his tooth pulled by the "Quadcopter," though. Of course, this modern spin on the traditional practice still utilizes an old standby--the dental floss. Because, let's face it, no tooth-yanking is complete without a string of the minty stuff.

Attach it to a doorknob, your brother or sister, a baseball that someone chucks for you...or a freaking drone if you're this guy, but the floss stays. No exceptions.

Anyway, back to the video. So, they attach the floss to the drone and off it goes. It's actually a little anti-climactic because we were expecting some Star Wars-type "dun, dun...dun dun dun DUNNNNN dun!" music to start playing when the thing took off with the tooth, but it was actually just kinda like "oh, look it came out..." and then we got hit with a super close-up of the bloody aftermath.

It's definitely unique and a fun way to rid the kid of the pesky loose tooth, but we are still fairly certain these two got a serious talking to when mom got home.

(h/t EliteDaily)

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