7 Reasons a Backstreet Boys/Spice Girls Concert Would Be Epic

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Our week got a little more magical when Backstreet Boys' Brian Littrell said these words: "We are actually in early talks about maybe doing a world tour together with the Spice Girls."


If the concert gods make this one happen, check out the 7 reasons why a Backstreet Boys/Spice Girls concert would be absolutely epic.

1. If the Spice Girls' performance during the 2012 London Olympics gave you life, please sit back and think about what they'll do for an actual full-out concert (hint: blow your mind).

2. If Victoria Beckham joins them (she told Vanity Fair there would be no more Spice Girls performances post-Olympics), we'll get to see her transform into Posh Spice again. This is essentially just the fashion designer in a strapless, fitted dress doing a few dance moves, but we will take it.

3. At some point during this concert, we're thinking these supergroups will have to get on stage together...which means there could be some sort of mash-up in store. Dare we say "Tell Me What You Want" and "Backstreet's Back All Right?" Or, even a "2 Become 1" duet?

4. Nick. Carter.

5. There are five Spice Girls and five Backstreet Boys. This is a perfect set-up for a dance-off. We're just sayin'.

6. One of the Backstreet Boys is going to rip off his shirt. Another may even hit a split.

7. The Spice Girls' outfits-because the coordination never ceases to amaze us. Aside from a ton of glitter and glitz, we can't even wrap our minds around what's in store.

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