Is This Katy Perry's New Man? Who Cares, He Finds the Best Snacks Ever

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So, clearly Katy Perry hasn't narrowed down her "type" when it comes to men yet. She went from Russell Brand, which in itself was kind of a wtf situation, to lovey-dovey by day, playboy by night John Mayer, and now to this guy?!

In case you're wondering, "this guy" does have a name. Riff Raff, which is hopefully not his birth name because if it is, his parents need a serious talking to. Anyway, so the newly-single Katy apparently went on a "date" with this dude last week and according to TMZ, Riff (can we call you that?) is totally smitten with the singer.

Katy posted a #TBT photo of the two of them on her Instagram and in case you weren't already confused enough by this whole situation, be prepared to really get thrown for a loop. She regrammed the photo he had posted a couple of days ago, with the #TBT tag, which is totally NOT technically a throwback if it was just last week, but whatever. Apparently, being the queen of Twitter doesn't mean you've mastered Instagram.

So, this guy (whose Insta name is Jody High Roller--we told you it was confusing) posted the pic of the two of them and it does look like he's made his hand pretty comfortable on her hip/almost butt.

As we did some deeper investigating into this very serious situation, we forgot all about his maybe relationship with Katy because Jody High Roller totally won us over with his epic food finds. Hey, it's snack time somewhere!

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