Jimmy Kimmel Finds Out the Dirty Words Kids Know: Some of Them May Shock You

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Video of a little boy rattling off all the swear words he knows has been making the rounds, but Jimmy Kimmel took the idea and ran with it, taking to the streets to see just how much naughty vocab kids know these days.

If you need a refresher, the original video shows off this boy's creative ability to pair the word butt with any body part(because...why not?), but turns out he also knows sh*t. So there's that.

In Jimmy's experiment, things start off pretty G-rated and we were pretty sure they would stay at that level (you know, "dumb," "stupid," "shut up" and the like), but some of these kids are getting an early start on cursing with flair.

Prepare your earholes for some f-bombs and other colorful bleeped out language.

Oh, kids.

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