North Korean Men Are Only Allowed to Get This Haircut Now...and it Sucks

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Apparently, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un thinks his haircut screams 'fabulous.' So fabulous, that he is only allowing men in the country to get his haircut.

According to the Korea Times, men in the hermit kingdom have gone from having 10 state- approved hairstyles to choose from when getting a haircut, to only the Dear Leader Kim Jong Un-which is basically a centrally parted mop top with buzzed sides, according to the Washington Post.

Pyongyang originally introduced the new law a couple of weeks ago, but now it's rolling out across the country, according to Time. Don't expect North Koreans to be too thrilled though. One Pyongyang resident told the mag the cut isn't popular because it resembles they hairstyle of Chinese smugglers.

Luckily, women can still choose from 18 state-approved hair do's, which don't include the dictator's buzzed cut, but do provide distinctions on whether a woman is married or not.

That is, for now.

North Korean Men Forced to Get Kim Jong Un's Haircut

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