Take Notice Kim Kardashian: New App Can Turn Selfies Into Nail Art

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Have you ever wanted to turn your Instagram photos into nail art? No? Well, there's an app for that, anyway. Sort of.

Here's the catch...There is currently a Kickstarter campaign going on to develop an app called NailSnaps, where you use your favorite Instagram photos to create custom nail decals. At first we were like "oh come on" and then we watched the little video thing and we were totally hooked.

The campaign has hundreds of backers and is currently about $13,000 shy of their $47,381 goal. People have until April 1 (coincidence that it's April Fool's Day?) to throw their dollar bills behind this creative campaign.

Speaking of behinds, maybe once Kim Kardashian catches wind of the idea that she can actually wear her belfies, that fund-raising goal might get met very quickly. On that note, if the app does end up becoming a real thing, we'd love to see what kind of manicures Rihanna ends up rocking.

We don't know if you can only turn your own Instagram photos into nail art or if you can creep on anyone's page to steal their photos, but that might get kinda weird if you can. Could you imagine your ex walking around with your face plastered all over her nails? Maybe there will be an in-app purchase that allows you to e-file a restraining order.

In fact, that opens up a whole new realm of photo possibilities that we won't even go into. Maybe we're not as excited about this app as we originally thought.


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