You'll Never See Your Favorite Boy Band the Same Way After This Infomercial

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Growing up, nobody was anybody unless they had an 'N Sync poster plastered on their bedroom wall. Bonus cool points if you slapped on some of your mom's lipstick and kissed the pic of your favorite boy-bander.

In fact, when we're feeling a little nostalgic, we'll reminisce about the times before there was Bieber and when "JT" (which you obvi called him if you were on the long list of future Mrs. Timberlakes) was everything.

As time has passes, some of our dreams have been crushed, such as when Justin Timberlake married Jessica Biel. No shade Jess, but that was totally supposed to be us standing up there with him.

Having your favorite former boy-bander get married is one thing. We all grow up and after a lot of therapy, we were finally (kind of) able to come to terms with the fact that we weren't going to be Mrs. Timberlake.

Plus, Jonathan Taylor Thomas (aka "JTT") is still single, so we're totally cool with it, plus he has an extra "T" in his "JT," so he moves back to numero uno on our list of childhood crushes that we'd still totally hook up with if we ever had the chance.

One person who just committed childhood crush suicide, on the other hand, is Joey Fatone who is now appearing on a Bosley HAIR RESTORATION commercial. And it gets worse--former hottie full-on shows off his bald spots on the top of his head (before Bosley, of course) and...well, it's kind of a buzzkill even for the most nostalgic 'N Sync fans.

To add insult to injury, Christopher Knight appears right after Joey talking about his hair-restoration miracle. No, we are not old enough to have watched The Brady Bunch when it was big time, but darnit, we watched the reruns and we don't want to see Peter Brady's bald spot.

Yes, men lose their hair...and women grow it in weird places...but you don't see Beyonce doing commercials about getting a Brazilian. Actually, we don't even know if she does...why? Because Bey knows better than to broadcast it!

'N Sync, Justin Timberlake Reunite at 2013 MTV VMAs

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