Zac Efron Reportedly Punched During Skid Row Fight

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File this under almost too crazy to believe--Zac Efron was reportedly attacked during a fight when his car ran out of gas on Skid Row. And he had his bodyguard with him.

We know, WTF, right? TMZ reports Zac was in the shady area of Los Angeles Sunday after midnight, with a source noting he was "obviously intoxicated." According to TMZ, cops patrolling the area saw Zac in a fight with at least three other people.

He reportedly told police the car ran out of gas and they were waiting for a tow truck, then threw a bottle out the window and it smashed near some transients--two of them attacked his bodyguard and when he got out of the car, he was punched in the mouth by a "sketchy transient." According to TMZ, Zac said "It was the hardest I've ever been hit in my life."

Law enforcement told the website there were no arrests because it was considered "mutual combat."

Zac went to rehab last year and has appeared to be on the straight and narrow, so why was he even in the Skid Row area? Something tells us there are a few more details we don't know about the story.

UPDATE: Now the bodyguard is saying that Zac risked his life to save him, with reporting that, according to this bodyguard who did not want to be identified, transients went after him with a "spear," stabbing him in several places. Zac came to his aid, swinging a vodka bottle to make them stop. Lots of things here that just don't add up...

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