Ariana Grande and Jai Brooks Back Together? Their Emoji Filled Tweets Have Fans Talking

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Did Ariana Grande and Jai Brooks get back together? Some cryptic emoji-filled tweets definitely have people wondering if they're dating again...but we're not so sure.

First, a little bump back on the history train--they were the cutest couple, but things turned a little shade of ugly when they broke up and Jai accused Ari of cheating on him with The Wanted's Nathan Sykes.

And then Ariana and Nathan confirmed they were dating and Jai spilled his guts on Twitter about their breakup and his family went to town slamming her...yeah, it sounded like they were as dunzo as can be.

Arianators started talking this week though after the singer posted an Instagram video and some wondered if they heard Jai's voice in the background.

Hmm...and then, the emojis hit Twitter--which could mean nothing...or everything. Take a look below and weigh in. Jai's all heart-y love eyes and Ariana's emojis tell a story of a girl, a boy, a heart with an arrow and sharing a love-filled smooch.

We don't think anything's up between these two, but we'll be watching.

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