Austin Mahone or Cody Simpson: Who Got Slimed at the Kids' Choice Awards?

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Having to choose between Austin Mahone and Cody Simpson is a terrible decision for any girl to have to make...for any reason. There is absolutely no "right answer" to any question that asks you to pick between the two of them. Who's hotter? Don't know. Who is the better singer? Can't decide. Who should get slimed?! ...Wait, what?

For those of us watching the Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards tonight, we were forced to make that very difficult decision. They were teasing us all night about who would get slimed and fans watching the live stream got to vote for their choice online. Judging by the audience's scream scale early on, it sounded like Austin was going to get a face full of the green stuff.

We're still not sure if those were Cody fans or Austin fans...because if you're an Austin fan, you might not want to see him get slimed...then again, for those who saw the bigger picture, they probably realized how cute he would look when he did and maybe they did vote for him. Tough call.

Anyway, regardless of whose side we were on, a lot of us probably jumped the gun and picked one or the other before we realized there was a "both" option. Fortunately, Nickelodeon gave us a second chance and we obvi jumped on the "both" bandwagon, which, apparently, everyone else did as well.

At the end of the show, it was time announce the slime "victim" and when they said "the winner, by a landslide is..." we were totally thinking everyone had picked one or the other. We were so relieved to hear when they said "both" ...and here is the aftermath. Who knew a bunch of green gunk could look so dang hot?!

If you were one of those who voted "both," thank you!

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