Rihanna vs. Keira Knightley in Frocks From the Future

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That awkward moment when someone steals your Judy Jetson dress. Rihanna and Keira Knightley were both at the Chanel show at Paris Fashion Week and for whatever reason, they both chose the same space-age ensemble.

To their credit, they definitely dressed the outfit up (or down) differently, but this is such a distinctive style, it's kind of hard not to make the comparison.

For Keira's part, she kind of made the outfit look like an optical illusion with that teeny tiny waist peeking out from underneath the baggy crop top and oversized pencil skirt. We would have preferred a pair of red or pop of color pumps over the gold, but it matches the chain on the purse, so we'll let it slide.

Rihanna, on the other hand, doesn't need a purse because she's rocking the fanny pack, which is kind of interesting that she took something that nobody has worn since 1985 and paired it with such a futuristic fashion piece.

It does look a little less trippy with the purple pattern...or maybe hers just fits her better, but it looked like RiRi was getting a leg up on Keira until, well...we looked at her legs.

We just can't with those sneakers. Never, in any universe is it OK to wear tennis shoes with high fashion, especially if it's a skirt. For that reason, and the fanny pack, we're going to give the "W" to Kiera on this one even if her waistline does weird us out a little bit.

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