Who Needs Headlines When You've Got GIFs? Let These Images Help You Decide What You Want to Read

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We know, sometimes news tends to get a little boring--yes, even celebrity news. And the worst part is that sometimes you didn't know you were diving head-first into a boring story until you clicked on the link (because let's face it, all headlines are like infomercials and every single one of them claims it will "change your life").

So, how do you know which ones really will really, truly "change your life" and which ones won't? Probably none of them will, so that's a good place to start. Beyond that, we've tried to simplify the process for you. Basically, you decide how you want to feel and we'll provide you with a story for that exact emotion. You are the commander of your news-consuming domain. Safe travels, friends.

For those of you who wanna be like...

You'd probably like this one.

Or, if you're feeling more like...

Read this one.

Perhaps you're in the mood for...

We've got you covered.

Wanna know what's behind the curtain on this one...

Read this story.

Maybe you're feeling more like this...or want to...

Check this one out.

Want something that will really get your blood pumping...?

Head right over here.

Maybe you want to feel like this and it's too early to drink...

Try this story in the interim.

Want some serious shock value...?

Read this one.

Or, if you're in the mood for something more...

Check this one out.

Or maybe you're just feeling...

This is right up your alley.

Or, if you want to know who should be doing this...

Head right on over here.

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