Demi Lovato and Fifth Harmony Tour Pranks: Silly String, D**k In a Box, Cream Pie?

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Things got a little bit crazy during Demi Lovato's Indianapolis concert this weekend, with plenty of pranks from Demi, of course. As the last night of the Neon Lights tour, she had to do something to make it memorable, right?

Lucky for fans, she shared some video, pics and tweets from the fun, which involved silly string, a cream pie in the face and...a d**k in a box prank?

Demi came out on stage in disguise with the SNL fave "D**k in a Box" costume during opening act Collins Key and it was hilarious, as you'd expect. She also rocked the stage during Fifth Harmony's set to deliver silly string all over the ladies. No worries--they nailed her with a cream pie too (check the video below).

After the show, she tweeted a messy selfie, writing: "#whipcreamhair #sillystringdreads #lipstickkissies #tourpranks #BESTNIGHTEVER"

And, maybe most importantly, Demi made a shocking realization about this tour, tweeting: "HOLY S**T I JUST REALIZED I DIDNT FALL ALLLLLLL TOUR!!!!!!!!!

Mar 31, 2014 | #WHATSINTHEBOX? by ddlovato on

Mar 31, 2014 | I'M GONNA KILL YOU DINAH!!!!! Hahaha.. Btw.. HOW CUTE IS CHER LLOYD and FIFTH HARMONY?!!? by ddlovato on

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