5 Things to Know About Farrah Abraham's Erotic Novel

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At first, we thought Farrah Abraham's new novel was an April Fool's joke...in fact, she was hitting the #AprilFools hashtags pretty hard when she made the announcement...so we were kinda hoping for that. Unfortunately, she later retweeted articles about how it wasn't an April Fool's joke and it looks like this might actually be happening. Basically, the joke's on us either way. Here are five things you need to know about Farrah's new novel, 'Celebrity Sex Tape in the Making.'

1. It says New York Times Bestselling Author at the top because she REALLY is one...well done, America


2. The "About the author" section is empty. Her reputation kinda precedes her, anyway


3. It's a trilogy...yeah, we feel the same way


4. Her character in the book is named "Fallon" ... clearly a lot of deep thought and creativity went into that one


5. It will be joining titles like 'Oral Delights' and 'Orgasm University' as part of the publisher's Exotika series. Watch out, Shakespeare...Fallon...or Farrah is coming for you (we know, we could have...but you thought it either way, didn't you?)



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