Cool Thing Justin Bieber Is Doing For His Personal Chef

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You might think working for Justin Bieber would be one of the hardest and most annoying jobs ever, but that's not the case with the Biebs' new personal chef. Justin is reportedly hooking the dude up!

During a recent interview with Atlanta Magazine, Ford Fry revealed details about his new position with Bieber and dished on the sweet gift Bieber is giving him in return for his work. Ford will be prepping meals for Justin and his crew for the next three months while the singer resides in ATL.

The chef said he was initially hesitant to work with Bieber at first, but later convinced himself that the experience would be worth it. "I have kids myself," he said. "They're Beliebers. I guess I'm one now, too."

Ford also explained that he will basically spruce up our favorite childhood snacks and make Justin eats like chocolate cotton candy made with Peruvian cocoa powder, little PB&J brownies, and deep-dish pimento cheese pizzas. He actually snagged Justin's attention when he ordered his squid ink spaghetti at a restaurant, though. Uh, ew?

In exchange for his personal chef services, the cooking expert will get to open for Justin at his next Atlanta show. Ford plays the guitar as part of Five Bone Rack band and said that his first time meeting Justin turned into a jam session.

Let's hope this gig works out for Ford. We all know how things usually go down working for the Biebs...just ask his bodyguards.

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