Justin Bieber Is Moving Into Selena Gomez's New Calabasas Mansion?

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Are Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber the next young couple to live together? After all those years on-and-off with each other, Jelena are reportedly planning to shack up together in her new Calabasas home.

"The real reason Selena bought that $3 million mansion in Calabasas is because she wants Justin to move in with her," an insider said during a recent interview.

"She is trying to persuade him to move back to the LA area and leave Atlanta all together....Justin is actually considering it and for now will stay with Selena whenever he's in town. Before Selena purchased the house, she consulted with Justin and they both agreed on the one in Calabasas," the source added.

As cray and quick as this all sounds, it really wouldn't surprise us. She did reportedly request her new house not be located in The Oaks, aka the most anti-Bieber neighborhood in the world. And let's be real, what 21-year-old doesn't want to live with her boyfriend? It IS a good way for her to keep her eyes on him too...

Do you think it's a good idea for Selena and Justin to move in together? Chime in.

Are Selena and Justin Engaged?

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