Kim Kardashian's Instagram Videos Are Basically Commercials for Herself

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The Kardashians are a brand. We all know that. Sometimes, they'll also brand clothes or tanning products or what have you, but the family is its own brand, whether you like it or not.

Within that brand, each of the girls themselves is pretty much their own sub-brand, with Kim Kardashian obviously being the most popular--and no, we're not just talking about with momager Kris Jenner.

Being a brand is nothing new to the famous family, but the levels they are stooping to in order to "promote" themselves is. Kim, for example, is no stranger to selfies--which are all like their own little advertisements for herself because unlike most other brands, Kim is basically just selling Kim. And we're not knocking her for it because it works.

After years and years of selfies and other shameless bikini shots, Kim's social media self-promotion has stooped to a new low and it's almost too much to take. Now, instead of just the "here's me in a bikini with the duck lips" photo, she's putting music to them and she's got the whole slow-mo and windswept hair thing going. It's literally like a full-on commercial, FOR KIM. What's next, will there be a Super Bowl commercial for Kris Jenner?!

What's even more crazy is that the fans are totally digging it. Then again, these are probably some of the same people who "liked" and "shared" that Keek video she posted of JUST her shoes as she was walking down the street one morning.

Here are Kim's latest two ads...we mean, "candid" Instagram videos.

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