Lindsay Lohan Got Clean for Free?

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Remember that whole "Free LiLo" movement? No? Well, there was one...for the five seconds Lindsay Lohan was in jail...but it sounds like the rehab facility she ended up at might have misinterpreted the meaning of the message.

According to RadarOnline, the 27-year-old embattled actress got her three-month court-ordered rehab stay at Cliffside Malibu on the house. Apparently, her health insurance wouldn't pay for it because this was her sixth time in treatment (hey, if at first you don't succeed...) so, Cliffside comped her stay. Kind of like when you get comped in Vegas, except without the alcohol because, you know...

So, why did they open their doors for LiLo and tell her it was on the house? "Prior to arriving at Cliffside, Lindsay had been at Betty Ford and wasn't doing well there. Cliffside Malibu became available and agreed to allow her stay presumably because of the free publicity it gave them," a source told the site. And you know what? That kind of makes sense because here we are talking about Cliffside.

Naturally, LiLo had a private room because she didn't want a roommate, whether she was paying for it or not. Or maybe they figured living with LiLo might drive someone to drink, which kinda defeats the purpose, so they decided to let her complete her stay in a solo suite. Either way, she got her own room and...oh, did we mention it was free? According to The Fix, private rooms at the facility run about $73,000 a month.

It's kind of ironic when you think about it, because celebrities often get comped when they go to hotels and clubs to drink and in this case, the rehab was free, too. Everything comes full circle.

Lindsay Lohan's Rehab Stay Was Comped for 'Free Publicity'

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