Why Do You Need a Prescription to Order This Pizza?

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Usually, when you order pizza, you get asked if you want take-out or delivery...or maybe if you want extra cheese. Never in our lives have we been asked if we have a prescription for the pizza we're ordering.

If you're ordering this particular pizza from Mega iLL in Vancouver, though, you need to provide proof of a valid script in order to snag yourself a slice. Why? Because the pizza is infused with marijuana. Kind of gives new meaning to the term "pizza joint," doesn't it?

"Basically we infuse it through an oil extraction process, where we drizzle the oil onto the pizza and it medicates you when you eat it," the owner told CBC News. "It's a little different effect from smoking it. It takes maybe about a half hour for it to activate."

Oh my gosh, what happens if you eat this pizza and then you end up with the munchies (because, we've heard that can happen), so you eat more of the pizza and...you'll get stuck in a pizza-eating vortex for all of eternity! Good for business, though. Well played, pizza place.

...and in case you're wondering, the "special sauce" will run you an extra $10 per pie.

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