Got Busted Trying to Join the Mile-High Club? Problem Solved

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SMH...Only in Vegas. A Sin City entrepreneur is taking sex to the next level, literally. Love Cloud Vegas is now offering a plane that you can charter if you want to join the mile-high club.

For $799, your fornication can take flight for a full 40 minutes. Or, if you've got deep pockets and a big bulge in your pants, you can spring for the $1299 flight, which buys you 90-minutes of mile-high clubbin'.

Hold that thought--What if you only need two minutes of that time? Do you get a pro-rated rate? Probably not...and that would be kind of embarrassing to explain to the refund department.

If you do have some time to spare, you can take in the sights OUTSIDE of the plane as well since the company offers mile-high flights over the Vegas Strip, Hoover Dam and a couple of other attractions.

Our guess is that you probably have to provide your own partner. And don't worry germaphobes, the company says that "After every flight Love Cloud has a commercial cleaning service that cleans every part of the aircraft with specific cleaning products to kill any and all germs." So...yeah.

The whole thing just feels really unromantic. Like, 'Surprise honey...I chartered us a plane' and then you realize what kind of plane it is and you suddenly have to fake a headache...or something else, depending on how cooperative you're feeling.

Even if you DO know about the sex plans beforehand, isn't it kind of awkward when you're greeted by the captain and the flight attendants are giving you the safety briefing? And do they just sit in the corner the whole time? So. Many. Questions...although we don't necessarily want the answers. It would make for a pretty epic #AfterSex selfie, though...

Post by Love Cloud Vegas.

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