Drake Bell Disses Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga and Their Fans?

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And you thought Drake Bell only hated Justin Bieber...now he's firing off his hate bombs at fellow Nickelodeon star Ariana Grande and Lady Gaga, too.

Nothing like coming off douchey by slamming a bunch of popular celebs to get some more exposure for yourself. So there's that.

What's Drake's beef? He thinks stars like Ariana, Justin and Lady Gaga are "entitled" and not working for their successful careers...and his criticism doesn't end there.

In a new BuzzFeed interview, the Drake & Josh star says Ariana is already "a billionaire before she's been an artist. You have to work to be able to appreciate what you have, and what work did she ever have to do in her life?"

Um...you know, she did get her start in the Broadway musical 13 before climbing the Nickelodeon ladder and working on her music career?

He also had some words about Ariana/Justin/Gaga's fans, and how these celebs "don't come out and say, 'I love having you as my fans, but you shouldn't be acting this way.' They just eat it all up, and I think it's repulsive."

Drake continued, "Justin Bieber just tweets, 'Yeah, Beliebers, go hard' when they're attacking somebody. Ariana Grande's fans told Perez Hilton that he and his son needed to die and get cancer, and she just fed it. It's disgusting."

Yeah. She didn't feed it, actually. Ariana told her fans to cool it on the Perez bullying, tweeting: "arianators, I know u don't like when ppl say bad things about me but please don't wish negativity upon any1. don't give up ur light, I love u."

And, or course, Drake had plenty to say about Justin (as always), this time noting that Biebs is "going around telling kids that as long as you have enough money and swag, you can do whatever you want. Instead of working to change the world, [he's saying,] 'Work to get as much money and power as possible because then you can do whatever you want and no one can say anything to you.' I just think that's a gross, awful, terrible message."

Sounds like Drake needs directions to the high road because he keeps digging himself deeper...he started by backpedaling a bit though, laying on the compliments to Ariana on Twitter when he posted a couple of her YouTube videos, writing: "Ariana Grande damn if only I could sing half this good!!"

He's also shot down talking bad about Ariana and posted pics of himself and the singer, tweeting: "@KeepCalmNLuvAri didn't say that about Ariana! I think she is incredibly talented and one of the best female voices out there right now!!"

Drake tweeted another fan: "@RememberGrande nope! Huge fan of Ariana's and love her voice! Her voice is levels beyond any female singer out right now!!"

Drake Bell Slams Bieber, Ariana Grande and Lady Gaga

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