Which Star's Mom Takes Her Sexy Instagram Photos (Including This One!)

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Heidi Klum's Instagram is H-O-T, which is not terribly surprising considering she's a total knockout. What IS surprising, however, is who has been behind the camera for some of the leggy supermodel's sexiest Instagram snaps--her mom.

"My most sexy photos I would say she took," Heidi told People magazine at a recent event. Um, what?! "She's like, 'Ooh, move this way, move that way!'" Kind of a buzzkill, we're not gonna lie. But maybe she's just talking about some of her sexy poses and not the topless ones...please say she didn't take any of the topless ones.

Cue Heidi for the TMI: "There's one people talked about where I was hugging a palm tree and I was topless...My mom took that one." Ugh...and no, she's unfortunately not kidding.

OK, so she took the topless one. Well, what about that one with her butt and the sand and the whole thing? Yep, another ''Hi Mom!' photo. "When I had a sandy butt," she explained. "My mom took that one." Want to see it from mom's POV? Here you go...

Those photos are cute when you're like five and your mom takes an embarrassing pic of your butt hanging out of your swimsuit...NOT when you're 40 years old and you want it to serve as fantasy fodder. We're totally on board with being super close with your mom, but there's gotta be a line somewhere, right? Right?!

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