Love Her or Hate Her, Lindsay Lohan Is Adorable in This Old Interview

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It's not often you'll find us gushing about something Lindsay Lohan did, so live it up, LiLo fans. Your favorite former child star is freaking adorable in this clip and we're not afraid to admit it.

In the interview with Entertainment Tonight back in 1997 (they've been around a long time, huh?) an 11-year-old LiLo talks about her first big acting gig and we just want to crawl through our computer screens and give her a big hug. That's not to say we haven't felt that about the LiLo from the past couple of years, but the hug would have been for a very different reason.

Anyway, back to the interview, kid Lindsay actually gives some great advice that adult Lindsay could really benefit from. "Now I realize how if you want to be in a movie, you have to be ready for it," the gum-chewing child prophesized. "You can't just go in and do it and get it over with and be out." Girl, that's what everyone's been telling you for the past 10 years. Why didn't you listen to your 11-year-old self?

One thing that has stayed the same from old to new LiLo is that squinty "I'm being really serious right now" look she gets on her face when she's going deep. It hits at about the 37-second mark in this clip as she's gushing about her co-star, the late Natasha Richardson.

Whether you love LiLo or you hate her, you have to admit this interview is pretty darn cute...IF you don't think about the fact that Michael and Dina Lohan were probably fighting like cats and dogs back in the greenroom while their little money-maker mugged for the camera.

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