Meet Boomeroo: The Pet Kangaroo

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This story was a mixed bag of emotions for us. At first we were like "oh my gosh, this lady has a kangaroo?!" and then we had a million questions: Is that even legal? Does it just hop around the house? Where does it poop? Why is she dressing it in baby clothes?

By the end of the video, however, we only had one question: How do we get one of those? In fact, we don't just want one, we want a whole bunch of them. Forget the days of being the crazy cat lady, we want to be the crazy kangaroo lady!

Seriously, the little 'roo is so cute (her name is Boomeroo), we just want to give her a big hug. Yeah, it's a little ridiculous that she's wearing baby clothes, but you know what? She doesn't know the difference and the woman's husband says it "gives her a sense of comfort" and we're so in love with her, we just want her to be happy, so we're totally on board with the baby clothes thing now.

Side note: Unlike the crazy cat lady requirements, it appears you can have a husband if you're the crazy kangaroo lady, so that's another bonus.

BRB, going to Google "kangaroo adoption."

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