Things We Don't Wanna See: #AfterSex Selfies

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Well, this one doesn't need much of an introduction at all, except maybe a ****Sexually Explicit Content Ahead**** warning.

All right, now that that's out of the way. Here's what's up: People are having sex and then snapping selfies...and posting them on Instagram, obviously. Enter (no pun intended) #Aftersex selfies. Seriously, it's a thing...and if seeing post-coital couples is YOUR thing (hey, we don't judge), you can creep them here.

Now that we got rid of the voyeurs, let's get down to business. First of all: No. Just no. Why in the world would anyone want to snap a selfie of their post-sex rat's nest of a hairdo and then post it online for the entire world to see?

Second of all: WHY do we care that you're having sex? People have sex...all the're not special, you just have a questionable filter (and priorities) evidenced by the fact that you're snapping a selfie while the sheets are still sweaty....which brings us to our next point.

If you're trying to tell us how hot the sex was and the first thing you want to do afterwards is grab your phone and start snapping photos--we've got news for you, it wasn't that good--especially if your hair and makeup are still selfie-worthy.

While some people are getting pretty serious about their #AfterSex selfies, a lot of other people have put their comedian hats on and are trying to come up with the funniest #AfterSex shots they can.

For example, some people have posted pictures with their PlayStation controllers, some have snapped solo shots (awkward) with any Internet trend, there is the inevitable abundance of cat pictures. There are also some of people posing--in bed--with their dogs and we're not sure if we should laugh or be worried. #Justkidding...right? Please say you're kidding...

Our favorite, though, is this person, who kept it real and kind of made it a sex-ed lesson at the same time. Here's her #AfterSex selfie. True story.

(h/t E! Online)

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