Farrah Abraham Takes Another Page Out of Kim Kardashian's Playbook

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Farrah Abraham said she wasn't trying to be like Kim Kardashian (remember because she's like totally smarter and stuff), but you know what? She's stolen a couple of pages STRAIGHT out of the Kim K. playbook.

Let's start with the sex tape. Yeah, whether the Kardashians want to own it or not, Kim is synonymous with celebrity sex tape. That's just the way it is...and let's face it, they don't seem to hate the fame that has come along with it. So, we're not saying it doesn't work, we're just saying:
Kim: Sex Tape --> Farrah: Sex Tape.

Next, there is the whole reality show thing. Check. Being accused of faking a relationship for the cameras? Check. And now, just days after Kim posted a video bragging about a product some company had sent her because 'oh my gosh, I'm so famous, people are just dying to send me stuff...IF I Keek about it,' now Farrah received a product and she's promoting the shiz out of it on her Keek.

If you remember, Kim's was some sort of hair-growth pill...which is kinda gross, but not as gross as this video of Farrah hawking the bad breath remedy.

The confused reality starlet is wearing a Kentucky Derby-style cowboy hat (we know, it's not an official thing, but it totally is when you see her headwear) and old lady glasses as she tells us how she has rank breath when she gets off the plane. Yeah, not hot. Check the product-pushers below and you'll see why Kim K's hair pills are surprisingly the least likely to make you lose your lunch.

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