Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Are Fighting...Because of Orlando Bloom?

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Things aren't too perfect for Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez right now. Even though it seems like they have rekindled their rocky relationship, there are now new reports that he's pretty pissed off at her about something...

According to several reports, Justin got super jealous when Selena recently spent time with actor Orlando Bloom and got back at her by hanging out with Miley Cyrus. Crazy, right?

It all went down at that 'We Day' conference a few weeks ago where Selena gave that awesome speech. Afterwards she posted a picture on Instagram of her backstage hangout with Orlando, Seth Rogen and other friends too. While the pic looked totally innocent, it reportedly ticked off the Biebs.

Not only was he upset his "baby" posed with Orlando but he was mad she was hanging with Seth too. You see, Seth isn't really on Team Bieber. Remember when he got arrested for a DUI in Miami a few months ago? Yeah, well right after that Seth tweeted that Justin was a "piece of sh**". Bieber was also reportedly one of the reasons Orlando and Miranda Kerr split up awhile back...

According to a source close to the couple, Bieber's jealousy isn't just about Orlando and Seth. Justin and Selena have been at each other's throats over cheating and insecurities for awhile now.

"Their drama always starts because they don't trust each other," the insider said. "It's not only Selena that gets jealous ... Justin is just as bad...He's the one that started the latest fight. He accused Selena of flirting with Orlando Bloom. He knows that it bugs Selena when he hangs out with Miley [Cyrus]."

Hey, who said being rich and famous makes you mature? Do you think Jelena will last this time around?

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