Silence Is Golden, But Not to This Golden Retriever: Watch Him Jam

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We're just going to come straight out with it- we're torn on this one. The dog is awesome and the fact that he loves to jam makes him even better in our books, but we're not sure if we just watched a funny viral video or if we were being marketed to.

In the clip, the dog takes up 75% of the screen and a super close-up of a Bud Light can, which just so happens to be turned perfectly positioned facing the camera, takes up the other 25%.

Product placement? The guy who made the video says no, and he even made another video where they did some more obvious product plugs.

Still, we're not 100% convinced. If you were taking a video of the dog and trying to capture his reaction (which is amazing, btw) wouldn't you move the freaking can? Maybe it was a total fluke, maybe it wasn't, we'll never know, but over 10 million people have already watched the potential commercial and whether they even know about the whole thing or not, Bud Light got a ton of extra exposure.

Whatever the case may be, the dog is real and so is his reaction, so we think it's still worth watching. You know what would go perfectly with watching this video? A nice cold Bud, we're just messing with you. But seriously...
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